For my initial interview, I talked to the creative writing teacher at my school, Mrs. Shattuck. She has been a wonderful person in my life to talk to about anything going on. When asked to describe her style, the only response appropriate was “persnickety”. There are many quirky things that were listed for her to write including that she enjoys writing when a paper is not completely blank, for this she uses graph paper. She will, also, only write in black pen. Mrs. Shattuck likes feeling a balance throughout everything as she writes, profound poetry with prose, calm clean environment without silence, this sense of balance is a very harmonious way to write, which is lovely. As she writes, she “shares her heart”. She finds her strength to be being “constructive and never destructive” and “making it so others can find themselves in {her} writing”.  When it comes to difficulties, she spoke of “exposing vulnerability” and “taking out the awesome words that seem right at the time, but don’t quite fit”. She gave a great suggestion about this, “I made myself a “parking lot” for my words and phrases that don’t work, but I would like to use later”. This is a fabulous suggestion in which a lot of people could take into consideration. As a writer, she finds herself working her emotions deeply into her works, writing poems and stories about friends and loved ones for friends and family helps her cope and honor those lost. Writing can be used in many different ways which is very interesting and amazing. Focusing on the positive and great in the world make Mrs. Shattuck an amazing writer. She is inspired by the works of Charles Dickens, although she does not like the way he lived his life. She finds he is an amazing author and enjoys reading his work. In her spare time, she not only writes, but she has many other ways of expressing herself. Her helpfulness has influenced many scores on the SAT or ACT, taking care of her family, playing the piano for others, among other things. Since Eighth grade she has learned that failing to write is failing. Within her time writing, she has learned that growing up is very uncomfortable, especially to talk about.  With this, comes style, style is found through trial and error. Finding your style can be hard, especially when you don’t really know yourself. When you write, finding yourself is an important part of your work.

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