From this project, I am beginning to see that you can only fail when you fail to do what you love. Being myself has been a very difficult part of writing. I have been writing mostly right before I go to bed when my thoughts expose more of who I am which is a very uncomfortable thing to read or write about, nonetheless share with others. I want to, someday, become comfortable enough with myself to share who I am with the world. I feel like the fact that I have struggled with anxiety and depression makes me scared to show who I am and what I believe. I want to be comfortable in my own skin and this project has shown me that it’s okay to talk about who I am. I have also learned that sharing your thoughts doesn’t have to be “oh this is how I feel right now and this is what I happen to be thinking”. There is such a broad range of emotions that poetry can almost be shown as “this is how I was feeling, this is how I feel now, and this is how I hope to feel in the future”. I have progressed less in my poetry in the fact that  I  am still terrified of sharing my work and more in the fact that I have almost learned that it is okay to be uncomfortable and put a piece down to save it for another day when you are ready to talk about it.

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